Family Farm

Irish Dexter

Welcome to Alberta Roots

We are a growing family raising food for our own table and for others. We believe in natural and holistic management of our land and animals and commit to ethical and humane treatment for all of our animals. We do not use any hormones or chemicals in our animals and they are all raised outdoors on grass as nature intended. Our Irish Dexter cattle are a superb heritage breed that have a high meat to bone ratio and provide delicious lean, tasty and tender cuts with no grain feeding. They are also wonderful milk cows as they have a 4% butterfat milk with smaller than average fat globules making the milk easily digestible. We raise Mistral Gris chickens for meat birds. Being a long standing breed they are amazing foragers without any of the health problems of commercial broilers. We may also at times have heirloom and heritage produce available for purchase. We use no chemicals, hormones or preventative drugs and manage our farm naturally and holistically.